What are the Cutiez Angels NFTs ?

They say you can't always have angel by your side. Well, guess what ? Now you can !

We have created these truly unique 10k hand drawn male (5k) and female (5k) Cutiez Angels PFP that consist of various traits with own unique rarity level. They are looking for partners to find ❀️ and become a couple to make special Cutiez Baby Angels NFT for which you can earn our πŸ’²CUTIEZ token or trade on OpenSea !

Along the way there will be also a few secrets hidden in the MetaWorlds and NFTs. The one who will find it will get a special LAND reward !

Cutiez Angels will initiate evolution of Ridralas Meta World. You can check its current from Cutiez Metaverse website. Additionally we want to use NFTs and tokens in GameFi !

Wen is the drop ?

Whitelist Sale Price: 0.01 ETH β‰ˆ 30 MATIC
Wen: 10.08.2022 - 10.09-2022
MaxTX: 1 per Wallet

Pre Sale Price: 0.03 ETH β‰ˆ 90 MATIC
Wen: 10.09.2022 - 15.09.2022
MaxTX: 4 per Wallet

Public Sale Price: 0.05 ETH β‰ˆ 150 MATIC
Wen: 15.09.2022
MaxTX: ∞ per Wallet

Supply and Rarity ?

10000 unique characters divided into sex and the following traits rarity:

πŸ”΄ ????
🟠 Legendary
🟣 Epic
πŸ”΅ Rare
βšͺ Common

The link to rarity list is available on website and Discord in
πŸ’β”—π‘πšπ«π’π­π²-π‚π‘πžπœπ€ channel. We will be implementing more professional rarity tools after the mint.

What is the mint cost ?

Whitelist Sale
Price: 0.01 ETH β‰ˆ 30 MATIC

Pre Sale
Price: 0.03 ETH β‰ˆ 90 MATIC

Public Sale
Price: 0.05 ETH β‰ˆ 150 MATIC

Royalties or fees ?
We will take 10% royalties from the secondary sales and 20% of our royalties will be transferred to our public community wallet.

What about ownership ?
Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the consumer of NFT.

Where will the mint be ?

In CutiezHeaven dApp. Separated by 5k male and 5k female NFTS which you can combine and to make a special Baby NFT. It is amazing front-end experience so make sure to participate in minting.

The links to our official minting websites are available in βœ¨β” πŒπ’π§π­-𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐨 channel on Discord.

Where to Buy or Sell our Cutiez NFT ?

You can buy/sell Cutiez NFTs on OpenSea.

How to make Cutiez Angels Baby NFT ?

You need to have a male and female Cutiez Angels NFTs in your wallet to pass the verification and claim your Baby NFT !

You can find all information needed at:

What are the benefits for Cutiez NFT holders ?

In close future plans, we have a free NFT airdrop for holders, percentage return from capital investments profits and merch store, holder-only giveaways, unique events and much more to come. Play in early access version of the future GameFi. After the mint we will begin working on more protocols and work on economy of πŸ’²CUTIEZ token.

Is the team real ?

We are a group of degens who are deeply into 2D art. We decided to work with Panther Byte Digital Solutions to create truly one of a kind NFT collections. You can rely on us that we do our best so that our community will stay with us for years. We do believe in this project more than anyone and therefore it is crucial for us to go in the safest and most stable directions while making sure that our art and general concept are way different from anything you have seen so far...

We want to be transparent with you guys, and you can easily find us on LinkedIn or other Social Medias.


ProMaci0 - Inventor and MainDev


KarMac - Digital Artist


Panther Byte Studio - Ops & Web3 Development.

What about Aftercare ?

First Listing on OpenSea market. Revealing the MetaWorld evolution progress and adding next stage to unlock.
Applying for professional rarity ranking based on traits occurance. We will begin working on protocols and πŸ’²CUTIEZ token. In close future plans we will do a free tokens/NFTs airdrops for holders, giveaways, donations for homeless people, special offers on merch store, welcome pack, regular contests and exclusive community building.